We help systems integrators stop wasting man-hours in the field.

ProjectCentric helps you with organizing project information, workflow automation, and 360 project visibility that includes your customers!

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Organize your project tasks by "Spaces" or you can tag it with whatever works for your company! Examples: technology type, addresses, floors, task types, people, or really anything YOU create. Your tasks can be pulled directly from your SOW for clear, lined-out communication with your on-site team. This interactive SOW checklist is the new way to never miss a deliverable again.

6 Headaches Relieved

No more chasing down your team for information. See all of your documents, pictures, scope of work or task lists, action items, daily comments, and more with just a few clicks.

No more messy or lost reports. In ProjectCentric anyone can see the past auto-sent Daily Reports, instantly grab a project-to-date Snapshot Report, and at the end of every project an optional auto-sent Closeout Report.

Easily manage the dreaded "scope creep." Daily comments have a clear "Out of Scope" marker to allow you (and your customer) to see and manage Out of Scope issues as they arise.

Missing information in project handoffs? With ProjectCentric you can fully note handoff information so you won’t miss a beat. In the Internal Notes section of every project your team can keep their communication about the project all in one place.

Your customers are no longer in the dark about the status of their project, what’s left to be done, punch lists, who to contact, who is on-site, what roles everyone plays in their projects, and more.

Bad cell service in the field? No problem! With the ProjectCentric offline mode for the mobile apps, your technicians can download the project and work offline until they get to better service areas!