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ProjectCentric helps you with organizing project information, scope of work as tasks, automated reporting, and 360 project visibility that includes your customers!

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Enterprise Project Management

Organize your project tasks by “Spaces” or you can tag it with whatever works for your company! Examples: technology type, addresses, floors, task types, people, or really anything YOU create. Your tasks can be pulled directly from your SOW for clear, lined-out communication with your on-site team. This interactive SOW checklist is the new way to never miss a deliverable again.

Multi-User Capabilities

We’ve made this platform cost effective so that you can put this powerful tool in the hands of your entire team and your customers. Techs in the field, PM’s, back office, and management can all collaborate simultaneously.


As your team marks tasks complete, makes comments, and creates action items ProjectCentric automatically builds a professional report and sends them to customers at the end of every day. At any time pull a full project to date ‘Snapshot’ report to bring anyone up-to-date quickly on where the project stands. In addition, at the end of every project the Closeout report automatically sends to your customers.

Scope Management

Your field technicians manage the tasks and scope of the project and are able to ensure scope completion as well as identify work as being out of scope and eligible for a change order. This data is identified for the customer as well as the entire project team.

Offline Mode

With online mode, you can access ProjectCentric anywhere! When there is not access to the Internet, or in secure facilities your field technicians can download their project beforehand, then do all their normal work offline. At the end of the day, simply sync up to the cloud when the Internet is available again.

Documentation Repository

Eliminate the need for multiple platforms. Keep your SOW, BOM, Drawings, instruction manuals and more inside each project on ProjectCentric.

Photo Upload Capabilities

In the field or from the computer, your team can upload project pictures for tasks completion, quality assurance, and customer validation. Always archived on ProjectCentric, you can go back to access them anytime.

Project Migration From Other Platforms

With our import tools you can easily import all your projects, users, and customers quickly so you can get right to work!

Project Templates and Imports

Save time with our preloaded templates, create your own templates, or use the import tool. You can save a template from your projects that allows you to quickly build out your next ones. Or use the Spaces & Tasks import tool to upload and instantly build your project for your team to execute.


Powerful Key Performance Indicators that allow you to see enterprise wide history and progress of all your projects. Use the reporting tab to see overdue action items from all projects, track which of your Onsite Leads are validating and approving the daily reports to send to your customers, and more.


Developed securely and stored on AWS Cloud, ProjectCentric leverages the security services and architecture of Amazon Web Services.

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